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The Kids Foundation New Zealand Proudly Present -- Razzamatazz 2016

Invitations for the Kids Foundation Razzamatazz shows are being sent out now . . .


Saturday 17th September 2016


(Showtimes - 12 & 3 pm)

Riley Centre - Wellington High School 

(249 Taranaki St, Mt Cook)

Saturday 24th September 2016
(Showtimes - 12 & 3 pm)
Middleton Grange Performing Arts Centre
(50 Acacia Avenue, Middleton)
Saturday and Sunday - 1st & 2nd October 2016
(Showtimes Both Days - 12 & 3pm) 
St Cuthberts School - Clouston Hall 
(122 Market Rd, Epsom) 

Mr. Shaggles, doesn't take long to warm up an audience!
A few balloon animals, a hula-hoop routine, some great acrobatics
Argentinian alter ego Rod Reguez is a so-so juggler,
Koala sidekick Bruce looks like he's been bought in tourist shop.
Old standards which are new to kids.
And they lap it up as Shaggles' keeps things rolling. 
 See You There!

* Please note Venues, Times and Dates may be subject to change
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